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Oggi al cinema
Loose Cannons PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
Version brilliant and friendly family conflicts of Ozpetek
**1/2-- (Mymo net ro: 2.95)
Recommended: Yes
Directed by Ferzan Ozpetek . With Riccardo Scamarcio , Nicole Grimaudo , Alessandro Preziosi , Ennio Fantastichini , Lunetta Savino , Elena Sofia Ricci , Ilaria Occhini , Bianca Nappi , Massimiliano Gallo , Minaccioni Paola , Emanuela Gabrieli , Carolina Crescentini , Giorgio Marchesi , Giancarlo De Marchi , Daniele Pecci , Matthew Taranto , Carmine bear .
Genre Comedy - Italy, 2010 . Duration 110 minutes.

A comedy where everything revolves around the County, a large family and extravagant, a veritable catalog of "Loose Cannons". In the house there is a lot waiting for the return of Thomas. His mother Stephanie, father Vincenzo, Luciana aunt, grandmother, sister and childhood friend Elena Alba, all that Thomas would like to support the brother Antonio in the new management of the pasta family. There are also twists and for this the residence of Thomas will last longer than expected ....

In Rome:
- Metropolitan Multiplex Cinema (17:15 - 20:00 - 22:30)
- Cinema Barberini (16:00 - 18:15 to 20:20 - 22:30)
- Jolly Cinema (20:10 to 22:30)
- Tiziano Cinema (20:30 - 22:30)
- Madison Cinema (16:00 to 18:20 - 20:45 to 22:50)
- Eurcine Multiplex Cinema (17:15 - 20:00 - 22:30)

In the province of Rome: San Vito Romano

The concert PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
A concert to tell the story and give past and present
***-- (Mymo net ro: 3.33)
Recommended: Yes
Directed by Radu Mihaileanu . With Aleksei Guskov , Dmitri Nazarov , François Berléand , Miou-Miou , Valeri Barinov , Anna Pavlova Kamenkova , Lionel Abelanski , Alexander Komissarov , Valeriy Barinov , Vasile Albinet , Ramzy Bedia , Ovidiu Cuncea , Maria Dinulescu , Roger Dumas , Guillaume Gallienne , Aleksandr Komissarov , Sapdaru Ion , Valentin Teodosiu , Jacqueline Bisset , Laurent Bateau , Mélanie Laurent .
Genre Comedy - France, Italy, Romania, Belgium, 2009 . Duration 120 minutes.

An acclaimed conductor of the orchestra of the Bolshoi in Moscow is removed the communist era for refusing to fire his Jewish musicians. Twenty-five years after the man is working in theater as a custodian and his wife helps organize mock ex-communist demonstrations of pride. One day he intercepts a call to the Chatelet Theatre in Paris and decides to redeem himself from humiliation by deception, by accepting the assignment to the official site of the orchestra. It brings together old friends together and some unlikely new entry. Grotesque comedy and release, between the old USSR and liberating Tchaikovsky, author of "Train de Vie.

In Rome:
- Cinema Farnese (16:10 to 18:20 - 20:30 - 22:40)
- Madison Cinema (16:00 - 18:20 to 20:45)
- Ciak Cinema (17:30 - 20:00 - 22:30)
- Cinema Mignon (16:00 to 18:15 - 20:30 - 22:40)

Dragon Trainer PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
The myth of eternal friendship between a boy and an animal with a twist of comedy more
***-- (Mymo net ro: 3.47)
Recommended: Yes
Directed by Dean DeBlois , Chris Sanders . With Jay Baruchel , Gerard Butler , Craig Ferguson , America Ferrera , Jonah Hill , Christopher Mintz-Plasse , TJ Miller , Kristen Wiig , Flavio Kite , Roberto Draghetti , Carlo Valli , Maria Letizia Scifres , Gabriele Patriarca , Alessio To Bottom , Letizia Ciampa , Matt Ward , Robin Atkin Downes , Philip McGrade , Kieron Elliott , Ashley Jensen , David Tennant .
Genre Animation - USA, 2010 . Duration approximately 98 minutes.

Set in the mythical world of dragons and stout Vikings wild, and based on the book by Cressida Cowell, the action comedy tells the story of Hiccup, a teenager who does not fit exactly into the Viking long-standing tradition of his heroic tribe of hunters dragons. Hiccup's world is turned upside down when he meets a dragon who challenge him and his fellow Vikings to see the world from a completely different point of view.

In Rome:
- Cinema UGC Ciné Cité Porta di Roma (13:00 - 15:05)
- Cinema Madison (16:00 Version - 3D: -)
- Cinema UGC Ciné Cité Parco Leonardo (15:25 - 17:30 to 19:50)

Happy Family PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
The viability of the cinema in the new Midsummer Night's Dream (Milan) by Gabriele Salvatores
***-- (Mymo net ro: 3.09)
Recommended: Yes
Directed by Gabriele Salvatores . With Fabio De Luigi , Diego Abatantuono , Fabrizio Bentivoglio , Margherita Buy , Signoris Carla , Valeria Bilello , Corinna Agustoni , Gianmaria Biancuzzi , Alice Cross , Sandra Milo .
Genre Comedy - Italy, 2010 . Duration 90 minutes.

Two families destinies because of the stubborn old daughter decided to marry. A simple traffic accident catapults the protagonist-narrator, Ezio, the center of this microcosm, in which parents may be wise, but even unpacked their children, neurotic and brave mothers, grandmothers inevitably an airhead, the beautiful daughters and stubborn dogs and love. In other words, two families of today, not included in the catalog and labels, in continuous evolution, precariously, live, happy and confused.

In Rome:
- Madison Cinema (4:20 p.m. to 10:50 p.m.)
- Cassia Cinestar Cinemas (16:30 - 18:30 - 21:00)
- Eden Cinema (16:00 - 18:40 to 20:45 - 22:40)

The first nice thing PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
Comedy-drama full of emotions and stripped of sentimentality
***1/2- (Mymo net ro: 3.61)
Recommended: Absolutely!
Directed by Paolo Virzi . With Valerio Mastandrea , Micaela Ramazzotti , Stefania Sandrelli , Claudia Pandolfi , Marco Messeri , Aurora Frasca , James Bibby , Burgalassi Giulia , Francesco Rapalino , Isabella Cecchi , Sergio Albella , Fabrizia Sacchi , Dario Ballantini , Paolo Ruffini , Emanuele Barresi , Fabrizio Brandi , Michele Crestacci , Bobo Rondelli , Giommarelli Paul , George Algranti , Riccardo Bianchi , Giacomo Bibiana .
Genre Comedy - Italy, 2010 . Duration 116 minutes or so.

What does it mean to have a wonderful mother, lively, frivolous, embarrassing? It is the anger that has accompanied the entire life of Bruno, the eldest son of Anna, since she was eight years old. It all begins in the summer of 1971, when witnessing the traditional election of the Miss most popular seaside resort of Livorno, Anna is unexpectedly called onto the stage and crowned "the most beautiful mother." Since then, the family Michelucci, comes the confusion and Anna, Bruno and his sister Valeria, begins an adventure that will end only today, with unexpectedly poignant reconciliation.

In Rome:
- Antares Cinema (17:00 - 20:10 to 22:30)
- Cinema Barberini (15:30 to 17:50 - 20:15 to 22:40)

From Paris With Love PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
Produced by Besson, an action film set in Paris caricature
**--- (Mymo net ro: 2.01)
Recommended: No
Directed by Pierre Morel . With John Travolta , Jonathan Rhys-Meyers , Kasia Smutniak , Richard Durden , Chems Dahmani , Yin Bing , Eric Godon , François Bredon , Sami Darr , Julien Hagnery , Mostefa Stiti , Rebecca Dayan , Michaël Vander-Meiren , Didier Constant , Amber Rose Revah , Melissa Mars , Farid Elouardi .
Genre Action - France, 2010 . Duration approximately 92 minutes.

In Paris, a young employee of the office of the U.S., joins an American spy who is trying to stop a terrorist attack in the city.

In Rome:
- Cinema UGC Ciné Cité Parco Leonardo (18:35 to 20:40 - 22:45)

Cell 211 PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
A solid production of gender prison, which manages to combine good political arguments and logic of spectacular entertainment
***-- (Mymo net ro: 3.47)
Recommended: Absolutely!
Directed by Daniel Monzón . With Luis Tosar , Alberto Ammann , Antonio Resines , Marta Etura , Carlos Bardem , Manuel Morón , Luis Zaher , Vicente Romero , Fernando Soto , Jesús Carroz , Félix Cubero , Manolo Solo , Joxean Bengoetxea , Juan Carlos Mangas , David Selvas , Patxi Bisquert , Xosé Manuel Olveira 'Pico' , Hilario Pino , Antonio Durán 'Morris' , Jesus Del Case , Pedro Piqueras , Suso Lista , Xavier Estévez .
Genre Action - France, Spain, 2009 . Duration 110 minutes.

Two men in the middle of a prison riot: the ruthless murderess who heads the newly arrived and the warden who is involved. When the genre of "Prison Movie" becomes a vehicle for a search page, but also a thriller directed with a firm hand by the director of La caja Kovak. And not just for the two protagonists, as well as the prison walls there are feelings, power games, secret agreements, while the margins for negotiation are becoming closer.

In Rome:
- Cinema Barberini (22:30)
- Cinema UGC Ciné Cité Parco Leonardo (15:20 to 17:40 - 20:00 - 22:20)
- Cinema UGC Ciné Cité Porta di Roma (22:05)

Invictus - The Invincible PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
Eastwood tackles with admiration the figure of Nelson Mandela in a film absolutely classic
***1/2- (Mymo net ro: 3.87)
Recommended: Absolutely!
Directed by Clint Eastwood . With Morgan Freeman , Matt Damon , Tony Kgoroge , Patrick Mofokeng , Matt Stern , Julian Lewis Jones , Adjoa Andoh , Marguerite Wheatley , Leleti Khumalo , Patrick Lyster , Louis Minnaar , Penny Downie , Shakes Myeko , Sibongile Nojila , Bonnie Henna , Grant Roberts , Langley Kirkwood , Robert Hobbs .
Genre Drama - USA, 2009 . Duration 134 minutes or so.

The film follows the attempt to Mandela after his release from prison, to reunite the nation after the fall of apartheid movement, his run for election as President of South Africa and have used the award of Springbooks Rugby World Cup of 1985 for reconciliation between blacks and whites in South Africa.

In Rome:
- Cinema Madison (15:55)

The Bounty Hunter PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
Romantic comedy "in flight" by the former
**--- (Mymo net ro: 2.30)
Recommended: No
Directed by Andy Tennant . With Jennifer Aniston , Gerard Butler , Christine Baranski , Jason Sudeikis , Dorian Missick , Cathy Moriarty , Daisy Tahan , Ruby Feliciano , Joel Garland , Adam Rose , Frank Apollonio , Jason Kolotouros , Eric Zuckerman , Robert Feeley , Reyna de Courcy , Gio Perez , Matt Malloy , David Costabile , Lynda Gravatt , Peter Greene , Jeff Garlin , Siobhan Fallon .
Genre Action - USA, 2010 . Duration 110 minutes.

Milo Boyd, a hapless bounty hunter, gets the job of his dreams when he was given the task of chasing Nicole Hurly, a journalist in hiding, his ex-wife. Everything you expect Milo is a quiet day at work, but when Nicole manages to escape to follow the trail of a murder, Milo realizes that, as always, there is nothing between him and Nicole is simple. The two chase each other continually until they are both having to flee for their lives. If you believe that love, honor and respect was hard to keep a promise - to save his skin, it will be even more difficult.

In Rome:
- Cinema UGC Ciné Cité Parco Leonardo (15:35 to 17:55 - 20:15 to 22:35)

Alice in Wonderland PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
Far from the original books, paperboard and '50s films of Tim Burton's new Alice is a journey to conform
**1/2-- (Mymo net ro: 2.63)
Recommended: Yes
Directed by Tim Burton . With Mia Wasikowska , Johnny Depp , Helena Bonham Carter , Crispin Glover , Anne Hathaway , Stephen Fry , Christopher Lee , Michael Sheen , Alan Rickman , Matt Lucas , Timothy Spall , Barbara Windsor , Leo Bill , Paul Whitehouse , Eleanor Gecks , Lucy Davenport , Jessica Oyelowo , Amy Bailey , Arick Salmea , John Surman , Marton Csokas , Eleanor Tomlinson , Annalise Basso , Jemma Powell , Frances de la Tour , John Hopkins , James Austin Wolff , Tim Pigott Smith , Geraldine James , Lindsay Duncan , Michael Gough , Noah Taylor .
Genre Fantastico - USA, 2010 . Duration 108 minutes or so.

Alice is seventeen years old and runs from a supercilious party and follows the White Rabbit down the hole, which brings it back to Wonderland. The White Rabbit is believed to have the right girl, the one who visited the magical world ten years ago. But Alice does not remember his previous visit in Wonderland, whose creatures are ready for a revolt and hoping and waiting for Alice to help them. But she wants to do it? It can do so?

In Rome:
- Cinema Madison (20:30 Version - 3D: -)

Persian cats PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
A protest film, shot without permission from the great moral and artistic
***-- (Mymo net ro: 3.27)
Recommended: Yes
Directed by Bahman Ghobadi . By Negar Shaghaghi , Ashkan Koohzad , Hamed Behdad , Ashkan Koshanejad , Hichkas , Seyyed Javad Hamed .
Genre Drama - Iran, 2009 . Duration 106 minutes or so.

Able to dare, Bahman Ghobadi pays tribute to the underground music scene that manages to convey ideas and positions of young Iranians, despite the oppression of the ultra-nationalist government.

In Rome:
- Cinema Greenwich (16:00 to 18:15 - 20:30 - 22:40)

Shutter Island PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
The spiral staircase leads to a realm of Scorcese made of mysteries and repetitions
***-- (Mymo net ro: 3.15)
Recommended: Yes
Directed by Martin Scorsese . With Leonardo DiCaprio , Mark Ruffalo , Ben Kingsley , Michelle Williams , Patricia Clarkson , Max von Sydow , Jackie Earle Haley , Emily Mortimer , Elias Koteas , Ted Levine , John Carroll Lynch , Christopher Denham , Nellie Sciutto , Tom Kemp , Curtiss Cook , Joseph McKenna , Ken Cheeseman , Joseph Sikora , Drew Beasley , Ruby Jerins , Damian Zuk , Gary Galone , Dennis Lynch .
Genre Drama - USA, 2010 . Duration 138 minutes or so.

Nothing is what it seems all'Ashecliffe Hospital. And neither is Teddy Daniels. It is there to find a missing patient? O was sent to investigate rumors concerning radical approaches to psychiatry all'Ashecliffe implemented? More Teddy and Chuck are close to the truth, it becomes more and more uncertain start to believe that perhaps most will never leave Shutter Island. Because someone is trying to make them mad ...

In Rome:
- Cinema UGC Ciné Cité Parco Leonardo (21:55)
- Cinema Madison (22:50)

Avatar PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
James Cameron remains a director capable of fusing and spectacular message
***1/2- (Mymo net ro: 3.91)
Recommended: Absolutely!
Directed by James Cameron . With Sam Worthington , Zoe Saldana , Sigourney Weaver , Stephen Lang , Michelle Rodriguez , Giovanni Ribisi , Joel Moore , CCH Pounder , Wes Studi , Laz Alonso , Peter Mensah , Matt Gerald , Lawrence Scott , Sean Moran , Dileep Rao , Julene Renee , Jacob Tomura , Noli McCool , Peter Dillon , Kevin Dorman , Dean Knowsley , Sean Anthony Moran , Amy Clover , Sean Patrick Murphy , James Pitt .
Genre Sci-Fi - USA, Great Britain, 2009 . Duration 162 minutes or so.

Avatar takes us on a spectacular new world beyond imagination, where a rebel hero embarks on an epic adventure, which eventually will fight to save the alien world that has learned to call home. The film was designed by James Cameron, the director Oscar for "Titanic" 15 years ago when there were not yet the tools necessary to give life to his vision. Now, after four years of working, AVATAR, a live action movie with a new generation of special effects, the film offers a 360-degree, highly innovative, where the revolutionary technology created for the film blends completely with the ' pure emotion of the characters, penetrating into the flow of history.

In Rome:
- Madison Cinema (17:45 to 22:20 Version - 3D: -)

Besides the rules - The Messenger PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
Moverman, writer of I'm Not There, brought to the screen directly known the pain of war for 4 years
***-- (Mymo net ro: 3.33)
Recommended: Yes
Directed by Oren Moverman . With Ben Foster , Woody Harrelson , Samantha Morton , Jena Malone , Steve Buscemi , Eamonn Walker , Merritt Wever , Yaya DaCosta , Brendan Sexton III , Portia , Lisa Joyce , Jahmir Abreau-Duran , Brian Adam DeJesus , Michelle Lindsay Nader , Armand Schultz , Adam Trese , J. Salome Martinez , Peter Friedman , Kevin Hagan , Peter Francis James , Jenny Kirlin , Sam Kitchin , Steve Antonucci , Angel Caban , Gaius Charles , Michael Chernus , JD Daniels , Paul Diomede , Fiona Dourif , Lisa Emery , Halley Feiffer .
Genre Drama - USA, 2009 . Duration 105 minutes or so.

Sergeant William Montgomery is still suffering after-effects of a wound near the eye reported in Iraq. Returning to his country receives a new assignment: along with Captain Tony Stone must deal with requests that are assigned to the Casualty Notification Office. They are graded, which must go to the families immediately to ensure that they receive the notification of death of a relative in the war before it becomes public domain. The two began their business faces the most diverse reactions: some bursts into crying and who attack them by accusing them of cowardice. While the relationship between them is proving difficult to Will, who has a relationship marred by too much reticence, is to announce the death of her husband to Olivia Pitterson and takes in the features of a woman feel deeply in need.

In Rome:
- Palma (Trevignano) (19:30 - 21:30)

The man who will PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
The massacre of Monte Sole seen through eyes of a community and a vision of hope
****- (Mymo net ro: 4.11)
Recommended: Absolutely!
Directed by Giorgio Diritti . With Alba Rohrwacher , Maya Sansa , Claudio Casadio , Greta Sugars Montanari , Stefano Bicocchi , Eleonora Mazzoni , Orfeo Orlando , Diego Pagotto , Bernardo Bolognesi , Stefano Croci , Zoello Gilli , Timo Jacobs , Raffaele Zabban , Greta Zucchi Montanari , Vito , Francesco Modugno , Maria Grazia Naldi , Laura Pizzirani .
Genre Drama - Italy, 2009 . Duration 117 minutes or so.

Winter, 1943. Martina, the only daughter of a poor peasant family, is 8 years old and lives on the slopes of Monte Sole Years ago he lost a brother a few days and has since stopped talking. The mother is pregnant again and Martina lives in expectation of the child to be born, as the war approaches, and as life becomes increasingly difficult, squeezed between the partisan brigades commander of Wolf and the advance of the Nazis. In the night between 28 and 29 September 1944, the child is finally in view. Almost simultaneously in the SS unleash an unprecedented sweep, which will go down in history as the massacre of Marzabotto.

In Rome:
- Cinema dei Piccoli (22:00)

Forgive and forget PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
Todd's war, not to die crushed by life
***1/2- (Mymo net ro: 3.51)
Recommended: Yes
Directed by Todd Solondz . With Shirley Henderson , Ciarán Hinds , Allison Janney , Michael Lerner , Chris Marquette , Rich Pecci , Charlotte Rampling , Paul Reubens , Ally Sheedy , Dylan Riley Snyder , Renee Taylor , Michael K. Williams , Gaby Hoffmann , Chane't Johnson , Brian Tester , Emma Hinz , Lydia Echevarria , the Meng , Roslyn Ruff , Rebecca Chiles .
Genre Comedy - USA, 2009 . Duration approximately 98 minutes.

Friends, family and lovers struggling to find love, forgiveness and the meaning of life in a world full of war-bent comedy and pathos.

In Rome:
- Eden Cinema (15:30 - 17:20 to 19:10 - 21:00 - 22:40)
- Cinema Nuovo Sacher (16:30 to 18:30 - 20:30 - 22:30)

Under the Blue Celio PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
Winspeare back to care for children with a very special documentary
**--- (Mymo net ro: 2.40)
Recommended: NI
Directed by Edoardo Winspeare .
Genre Documentary - Italy, France, 2009 . Duration 80 minutes.

Celio Blue is a small nursery in the heart of Rome and a large model of the smallest education and dialogue between cultures. The film is about the energy and passion of a group of teachers fighting for its survival in today.

In Rome:
- Cinema dei Piccoli (20:15)
- Cinema Nuovo Cinema Aquila (16:30)

Simon Konianski PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
Hilarious road movie training
**1/2-- (Mymo net ro: 2.80)
Recommended: NI
Directed by Micha Wald . With Jonathan Zaccaï , Popeck , Abraham Leber , Irene Herz , Nassim Ben Abdeloumen , Marta Domingo , Ivan Fox , David Bass , Ben Nassim Abdelmoumen , Lise De Henau , Jean Lescot , Stefan Liberski , Gustavo Miranda , Elodie Moreau , Mohamed Ouachen , Lise Roy , Denyse Schwab .
Genre Comedy - Belgium, France, Canada, 2009 . Duration 100 minutes.

At 35 years old, Simon, go back to live with his father, returning from camps. The two will make life impossible, but when his father dies, Simon decides to fulfill his dying wish to be buried in the village where he was born. The result is an unusual road movie in which Simon, along with the child, covering a path picaresque comedy and accompanied by the ghost of his father-friendly and a series of cartoon characters pop. The draft Micha Wald, presented in Rome in 2007, the Factory Project, when movie ends from the parts of Milehanu and Benigni, or one of the few capable of handling the legacy of the Holocaust with the spirit of comedy.

In Rome:
- Quantestorie (Manzanita) (19.30 - - - - 21.30)
- Palma (Trevignano) (19:40 to 21:40)

Nat and the secret of Eleanor PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
The literature of adventure and rediscover the potential of watercolor animation in two dimensions
***-- (Mymo net ro: 3.10)

Directed by Dominique Monféry . With Jeanne Moreau .
Genre Animation - Italy, France, 2009 . Duration 75 minutes.

Nat is a seven year old boy who can not read, but one day he receives an inheritance from his aunt Eléonore entire library and soon discovers that the books contained in it are "inhabited" by the various characters of children's literature. The latter is likely to disappear along with the stories of which they are protagonists and be forgotten forever, if Nat does not learn to read an incantation written on the library, which contains the books "original" of all the stories in the world. Eventually, though, will just help them to Nat in completing his mission.

In Rome:
- Cinema dei Piccoli (18:30)

Metropolis PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
A Japanese animated film original and spectacular
***-- (Mymo net ro: 3.25)
Recommended: Yes
Directed by Rin Taro . With Yuka IMOT , Kei Kobayashi , Kouki Okada , Taro Ishida , Jamieson Price , Kousei Tomita , Junpei Takiguchi , Toshio Furukawa .
Genre Animation - Japan, 2002 . Duration 107 minutes or so.

Yes, you read that right. The title is eponymous masterpiece by Fritz Lang, but the context is that of Japanese animation films of high quality. Inspired by a master of the genre of manga, Osamu Tezuka, the film tells a story that takes place in a giant, futuristic city-state in which men dominate are limited to robots and androids enslaved and forced to live in the lower levels by terrible Duke Red, who aspires to the total domination. He has built a young android that escape its control and impede with the help of small Saito, who arrived in town with his uncle detective who investigates a mysterious scientist.

In Rome:
- Cinema Grauco Film (19:00)

My country PDF Print
Cinema - Oggi al cinema
On the road through Italy Industrial
**1/2-- (Mymo net ro: 2.90)
Recommended: Yes
Directed by Daniele Vicari .
Genre Documentary - Italy, 2006 . Duration 105 minutes or so.

A bus trip through Italy industry. Daniele Vicari, speed and after the event horizon, returns with this documentary on the road that runs through the streets of the working reality Italian from Sicily to the Veneto. Starting from Gela and Termini Imerese, and passing through the Basilicata and Tuscany (in Prato, where the director ambienterà his next feature film), Vicari approaches the grim reality of Porto Marghera, leaving room for the faces and words of ordinary people .

In Rome:
- Cinema Azzurro Scipioni (19:30)

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