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Terme Italia - Terme Italia
Hot Springs

In the fourth bathroom on the right bank of the Bormida, there are other springs (Lake of the Springs, consists of seven sources at 45-55 ░ C; little fountain aqueduct called about 20 ░ C). Here, at the end of the fifteenth century, was built a spa called the Old Spa, destroyed in the seventeenth century by a landslide. The present building was rebuilt in 1687), was expanded in the nineteenth century with the addition of pavilions and an entire floor. Nearby is the spa Queen and a huge swimming pool built in 1927

Source waters are similar to the previous hypo arising in the town of Mink from the so-called "spring of the Mink", near the train station. The latter, however, have suffered a significant cooling during ascent (temperature: 21.8 ░ C) and a strong admixture of shallow groundwater.

The other spa dates back to the last decades of the nineteenth century and is named Nuove Terme, is located on the outskirts of town (the left bank of the Bormida), Piazza Italy, where since January 1, 2000, are two monumental fountains known as "the Nymphs "and" the lilies. " Today (since 2009) the former fountain of the nymphs, not best equipped as such, but remained unchanged in the geometry looks like a flower bed full of flowers and trees within trees. This renewal improves the aesthetic and practical point of view, the atmosphere of "Italian Piazza" which now is less burdened by cold marble and more open the eye of the visitor, just before the entrance of the Grand Hotel Nuove Terme.


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