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The spa in 1935 went under the direct control of the INPS. With this move changed the structure of the entire system for the treatment of insured hospital para-INPS building other hotel establishments with a total of 1680 beds, with consequent destruction and burial of the old Grand Ducal Bath. In 1992, after the decision to close down the INPS, the City took over the company by setting the "Terme di San Giuliano Srl" with the proportion of 100%. Finally in 2003 the company "STB Spa and Wellness Company SpA entered the Society of San Giuliano Terme Srl" with a share of 96% assuming complete control.


The current name was made official in 1935 in honor of Saint San Giuliano, which was dedicated on a church step in Lucca. The specification "spa" is instead attributed to the thermal present. The previous names were Bagni di Pisa and then Bagni di San Giuliano.


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