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Terme Italia - Terme Italia
Markus Bernet The Terme di Saturnia are a set of springs located in the town of Manchester, a few kilometers from the village of Saturnia, which arise in relation to the valley below the south-eastern Europe. The thermal springs that feed the baths affect a vast area ranging from Mount Amiata and the hills of the Fiora dell'Albegna to reach the Maremma in Roselle (Roselle Terme) and Talamone (Spa OAS).


According to legend, the Terme di Saturnia, also known as the Etruscans and Romans, would be formed at the point where it fell to Earth and Jupiter hurled lightning Saturn, missing, following a violent quarrel broke out between the two mythological gods.

Thermal waters

The sulphurous waters gush out at a temperature of 37.5 ░ C and have known medicinal properties, giving only to sink into relaxation and wellness. The main thermal waterfalls are the Falls Mill, located in an old mill and the Falls Gorello.

The scope of the source is about 800 liters per second, which ensures an optimal water exchange and this, at the chemical level, is sulfur, carbon, sulfate, bicarbonate, alkaline earth, with the presence of hydrogen sulphide gas and carbon dioxide. The mineral salts dissolved in water amounted to 2.79 grams per liter.

The area of Saturnia Spa presents, as a whole, a vast area open to use and an area where he developed the famed luxury spa of Terme di Saturnia, where, in addition to various thermal treatments, creams and perfumes are also produced by thermal men and women.


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