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alt The Virgin Mary

is a statue of Giuseppe Perego in gilded copper, representing Our Lady of the Assumption and placed on the main spire of Milan's cathedral. Since its installation, which took place in 1774 has become the symbol of the city, beyond religion. Phrases like the shadow of the Madonna show par excellence the city of Milan.

The spire

In the eighteenth century, the cathedral was still almost devoid of needles and in a constant state of working times, interrupted and never completed. Archbishop Joseph Pozzobonelli decided to raise the spire. The work, which was theoretically under discussion for many years, was designed (1765) and then made (1769) by architect Frank Cross and reached the dizzying height of 108.50 meters.

On top of the spire, according to a plan that probably dates to the origins of the Cathedral, was a statue of the Assumption (4.16 meters high) with her eyes and arms outstretched toward the sky to implore God's blessing to the city . The statue was created by sculptor and goldsmith Joseph Bini Giuseppe Perego and was inaugurated on December 30, 1774.

The height

Tradition says that no building in Milan can be higher than the Virgin Mary.

A law is not written first, then made official in the thirties, it prevented the Torre Branca Sempione Park (108 meters) of Gio Ponti and the Velasca Tower (106 m). In all cases the project is stopped before the fateful 108.5 m compared to the Virgin Mary.

Photo by Ulrich Mayring

Religious sentiments lie mainly structural problems: a few meters below the surface of the city there is a water table. This puts pressure on the subsurface rock layers. The increase in population over the last century and the rise of the water extraction of groundwater has lowered the line, dangerously increasing the fragility of the subsoil. Thus, a tallest building (and heaviest) of the Cathedral could not be supported by soil and ruin upon itself.

The Pirelli Tower, Milan so the call of the Pirelli skyscraper, which currently houses the Lombardy region, is higher than the Virgin Mary: measures 127 m. On its roof the religious sentiment has built another Virgin Mary in gold, a copy of the sister who dominates the marble Candoglia. Thus the old saying is still relevant.

In 2010 a copy was also placed on the top of the new headquarters of the Lombardy Region (to 161 meters high) and then by 2015 it will probably also post a Straight on the building inside the complex called City Life.

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