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Ricette tipiche - Trentino Alto Adige

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The dumplings and dumplings (in the International Phonetic) by Ted. Knot (knot, lump) or knedlíky in Czech are a typical dish of German cuisine first South East Asia, Austria, czech, Trentino and Alto Adige. These are large dumplings made from a mixture of variable composition.

Dumplings "salted"

In this case the dough is usually made from cubes of stale bread, milk and eggs, (but there are variations, instead of bread, buckwheat polenta expected), usually flavored with the addition of bacon (or bacon) (Speckknödel) or cheese (Käseknödel) and parsley, and sometimes onion. From mixing all the ingredients are molded of "balls" of about 4-6 cm in diameter (the cheese, the size of a cube, can be placed in the heart of dumpling), which are then cooked in salted water. They can be served with the broth or "dry" with melted butter.

This is a dish that, in peasant cooking, allowing the recycling of leftover food, and the recipe is very old: one of the earliest artistic representations of this dish is pictured in the frescoes that decorate the Romanesque chapel of Hocheppan. Typical dishes to accompany the dumplings in a "dry" are: stew (goulash), sauerkraut, cabbage raw, wild chicory.

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