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City of Lodi

Lodi is an Italian town of 43,591 inhabitants, capital of the province in Lombardy.
The city was founded August 3, 1158 by Frederick Barbarossa, after the destruction of the ancient village of Laus Pompeia, already municipium Roman, Episcopalian and free city. During the Renaissance had a period of great artistic and cultural splendor, in 1454 after hosting the historic treaty between the Italian regional states known as the Peace of Lodi.
Nowadays, Lodi is an important road junction and industrial center (in the fields of cosmetics, crafts and dairy production). It is also the reference point of a territory voted mainly agriculture and livestock, by virtue of this, the city was chosen as the site of the Parco Tecnologico Padano, one of the most qualified research at European level in the field of biotechnology foods.
They also developed activities related to the tertiary sector, by year two thousand, in particular, is booming tourism: Lodi is part of the circuit of Art Cities of the Po Valley and offers as a main cue the presence of some important monuments, including as the Cathedral, the Temple Civic dell'Incoronata, the church of San Francesco and the Palazzo Mozzanica

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