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The Province of Milan (Pruincia de Milan in Western Lombard) is a province of Lombardy of about 3,123,000 inhabitants, the second most populous of Italy after that of Rome. It covers an area of 1,575 km ▓ and includes 134 municipalities. It is bordered to the north of the province of Varese and the province of Monza and Brianza, east of the province of Bergamo in the southeast of the province of Cremona and Lodi, south west with the province of Pavia, to the west the province of Novara (Piedmont). It also includes the town of St Columb al Lambro, an exclave between the provinces of Lodi and Pavia. Almost the whole territory of the Province of Milan is part of the Archdiocese of Milan (except 7 municipalities bordering the province of Lodi, belonging to the Diocese of Lodi).

The Province of Milan is located in central-western Lombardy, the stretch of high plains between the Ticino River valley to the west and the river Adda to the east The territory is crossed, as well as from the Adda and the Ticino, also by 'Olona by Lambro, from Seveso, Milan from the network of canals (Canal Grande, Martesana, Naviglio Pavese) and some rivers (Lura, Bozzente, Molgora, Arno). Ticino and the Adda respectively mark the western border and the eastern border of the province. Ticino, Switzerland from the Italian, as the lake and flows into the Po Valley in Pavia. Tributary of Ticino in the Province of Milan is the river Arno. The Altomilanese crosses the Arno and is one of the most polluted rivers in the province.

The Adda, from the high Valtellina, Lake Como form the Po and flows into the provinces of Lodi and Cremona. In the province Adda feeds the Muzza Canal, which in turn receives the waters of the river Molgora, coming from high Brianza. The river Olona, Varese comes from the foothills and into the province through wood, following the Olona Milan and also current flows into the Po near San Zeno. Tributaries of the river in the Province of Milan are the torrents Bozzente, Lura, Merlo (formed by Nirone and Pudiga) and Mussa (formed from Lombre and Garbogera).

Of lesser importance are the Seveso and Lambro. The Lambro (Northern or Lambro), provenance from the Larian Triangle, skirts the eastern outskirts of Milan and flows into the Po near Orio Litta. Tributary in the Province of Milan is the articulator Lambro southern dall'Olona derived in Milan, he received the excess water flows into the canals and Lambro in the Province of Lodi. The Seveso, comes from the hills south of Como and after touching the Brianza is lost in the maze of the city of Milan water, flowing in part in Martesana Canal and then the cable Redefossi Vettabbia and some in the cable.


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